Path to Victory in 2018

We are more poised to win in an off-year election than we have seen in a generation.  Every Republican incumbent will have a Democratic challenger, and some challenges will be hotly contested primaries.  We are ready to meet the challenge!

I am the most qualified candidate for Judge of Probate Court 1 and that is why I am digging in early.  With your help, we will run a well-organized campaign to ensure we win in 2018.  We have a team of deeply experienced campaign strategists and volunteers working for us.  

Our website is up and running with lots of ways you can help.   Visit and click on "Ways You Can Help".  Our most pressing need is to raise funds to execute our campaign strategy. And, there are many other ways to help such as signing up to volunteer, throw a house party, add your name to our list of endorsements, and you can spread the word.  Our website makes all of these things easy.  Check it out!

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