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Please review the contribution limits and check the box below indicating you have read it.
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Mailing address for sending checks:

Jerry Simoneaux for Judge
3315 Mercer St.
Houston, Texas 77027

Please make checks payable to "Jerry for Judge" or "Jerry Simoneaux for Judge"

Contribution Limits:

Judge Simoneaux is in voluntary compliance with the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act restricting donations from individuals, corporations, and law firms.  

Individuals:   $5,000.00 (includes spouses and minor children)

Law Firms:    $5,000.00 (the total of all lawyers in the firm, including a donation from the firm, cannot exceed $30,000.00)

General Purpose Political Committees:  $52,500.00

Total Contribution Limit from all sources: $350,000.00

The campaign finance law generally prohibits corporate political contributions. This restriction does not apply to contributions from professional corporations. Partnerships that include one or more corporate partners are subject to the prohibition.

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